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Reliable POA tuition will keep your child abreast of the latest MOE revised POA syllabus.

This may sound like a shock to you. Yes. Your child will be sitting for the revised POA syllabus in the year 2021.

Are you fully aware of such changes? And do you know what are the implication if you have engaged the wrong tutors who are not committed to your child’s success?

Principles of Accounts also known as POA is an elective subject that will only be offered to students in Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic (NA). Principles of Accounts (POA) is a 100% written examination for both GCE N Level and GCE O Level. With effect from year 2020, there is a change in the syllabus.

One of the major changes in the written examination requirement for both papers is that there is no selection of question in paper 2.

At the GCE ‘O’ level,
the old POA syllabus with subject code 7175 à subject code 7087 revised POA syllabus.

At the GCE ‘N’ level,
the old POA syllabus with subject code 7088 à subject code 7086 was revised POA syllabus.

Overall weightage for revised POA Paper 1 is 40% with 3 to 4 compulsory questions. Duration is 1 hour.

Overall weightage for revised POA Paper 2 is 60% with 4 compulsory questions, of which 1 question is the preparation of the financial statements which weighs a total of 20%.  Duration is 2 hours.

Hence, it is important to keep abreast to the latest MOE Principles of Accounts syllabus.

At Ace Your POA tuition, we have designed our worksheets in-house which are not made available to the public. All these materials are crafted by our principal tutor, Alex Quek, who is the current POA ten-year writer.

Indeed, the previous ten-year series has become obsolescence for the students taking the new POA syllabus. His wealth of teaching experience, coupled with his up-to-date resources such as exam papers with a modal marking scheme, will help your child to do well in his/her coming GCE examinations. As such, it is important for students to attend the right POA tuition classes, learning under an experienced and competent POA tutor which will boost their confidence so to have an edge over their peers. Effective and reliable POA tuition will help students to see an instant grade jump in their results within a short period of time.  

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