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Principles of Accounts also known as POA is an elective subject that will only be offered students in Secondary 3 Express and Normal Academic (NA). Principles of Accounts (POA) is a 100% written examination for both GCE N Level and GCE O Level. The written examination consists of two papers, paper 1 is an hour paper that weighs a total of 40% with 3 to 4 compulsory structured questions while paper 2 is a two hours papers that weighs a total of 60% with one question on preparation of financial statements and 4 other compulsory structured questions. 

Unlike other subjects, Principles of Accounts is one of the easiest subjects to achieve academic excellence in a short period of time simply because of its academic structure. (Question on financial statement will be tested and students simply need to prepare for it) Moreover, the knowledge acquired from POA will be practical in their daily lives. Possessing a strong foundation in POA will also benefit students a lifetime with the day-to-day skill set to manage their finances. Singapore is on the roadmap into a leading global accounting hub, hence, more and more students are opting to study Principles of Accounts. 

As such, POA tuition has become popular among students because this subject has proven to allow students to score well for their major examinations. Students learning under an experienced and competent POA tutor will see themselves having an edge over their classmates. Effective and reliable POA tuition will help students to see instant grade jump in their results within a short period of time.


Academic Excellence

in Principles of Accounts O Level

I’m Alex, Principal Tutor of Aceyourpoa. I’m the author of the local best-selling POA assessment book titled “Principles of Accounts O Level – Revision Notes”. I’m also the author of the pioneering POA Ten-Year Series solution for GCE O and NA level, published by Shinglee Publishers.


Does Your Child Need Help With O Level Principles of Accounts?

Dear Parents and Frustrated Students,

For the last 12 years, I’m proud to say that over 70% of my students achieved a distinction grade (A1 and A2) in their Principles of Accounts O Level and N Level Examination. In addition, I am very fortunate to retain an 12 year record of 100% improvement rate (at least 3 grades) for my students who attempted GCE O Level or N Level Principles of Accounts paper.

over 70% of my POA students achieved an A grade

I’ve accumulated a wealth of experience, teaching POA for more than 12 years as a private tutor as well as a Singapore POA teacher with MOE-government schools. I have coached students with varying abilities from different schools such as St. Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School, St. Andrew Secondary School, Unity Secondary, Bukit Merah Secondary School, Gan Eng Seng School, CHIJ Toa Payoh,  and many more…

Prior to becoming a full-time tutor, I was a practising professional as an Auditor for one of the ‘Big Four’ firms as well as an Accountant for a well known Singapore cafe chain.

Since 2006, I’ve accumulated more than 4000+ teaching hours and created a systematic approach to help students to achieve a 1 to 5 grade improvement in Principles of Accounts – some in 2 months or less – using my “SMART Method”.

Is your child struggling with Principles of Accounts?


Don’t be surprised but I used to be struggling in my Principles of Accounts for O Level.

So believe me when I say, I understand their frustrations as I was previously in their shoes.

I remember clearly that I was not given a choice in selecting Principles of Accounts. During the first class test, I scored ZERO despite putting in so much effort to study for this subject.

I thought of myself as a failure. To make things worst, I had no one to turn to as my parents could not afford tuition when I needed “more personal attention“.

Thereafter, with my confidence in studies hit an all-time low, and I continued to be stuck with borderline results, failing almost all the tests.

Follow me on my Journey From a Study ‘Failure’ to a Principles of Accounts Achiever

I was devastated! The theories and concepts in Principles of Accounts became more confusing as my doubts accumulated.

Memorizing accounting formats and theories and re-doing the school’s ONLY textbook (back in my days, the textbook was also the workbook which was 500 pages long with mono-tone colors). It was a futile attempt because no matter how hard I tried, I just could not pass Principles of Accounts. Adding to my frustration, there were no solutions given at the back of my textbook. (I had to bother my teacher for solutions)

I pondered… and finally decided to approach my POA teacher for advice.

That is when I accidentally stumbled upon ‘the secret’ to doing well in Principles of Accounts.

Unknowingly, I had slowly developed a ‘study framework’ which has been proven to work and consistently boosted my grades. During my Secondary 3 EOY POA examinations, I scored 96.5 / 100.

YES! I want my child to score an 'A' for POA

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2003 Sec 3 Principles of Accounts Paper 1

2003 Sec 3 Principles of Accounts Paper 2

Fast forward to several months later, my Principles of Accounts grades improved in leaps and bounds from F9 to A1. And finally I scored a Distinction at Principles of Accounts N level.

However, I did not stop and I continued to excel in POA by scoring 99.5 /100 (my teacher just refused to give me that half mark) for my MYE (also known as Prelim One now) in my Secondary 5. My peers and teachers were shocked!

Later that year, I scored an A1 grade for Principles of Accounts O level.

Principles of Accounts N Level

Principles of Accounts Prelims

Principles of Accounts O Level

I have never looked back since that day, I continued to persevere and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree (2nd Upper) in Accounting and Finance from the University of London. I then carried on to pursue Accounting Professional Examinations with the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.


As you can see, I understand the frustrations that your child feels when trying to learn Principles of Accounts. Their awful feeling of feeling lost in class because they can’t catch up. The resignation to ‘give up’ on Principles of Accounts because it wasn’t their first choice as a subject.

That’s why it is my personal mission to reach out to students who are struggling in Principles of Accounts so that they can build up a strong foundation to ace Principles of Accounts.

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Facebook Testimonials

“Ensure that there is a takeaway every lesson before releasing his students..."

Ong Pei En

Jurong Sec Sch, Yr 2017
E8 to C5 (2017 School Prelim) 
to A2 (2017 O Level)

“Patience, caring, understanding and passionate teacher…"

Joen Tai

Bukit Merah Sec Sch, Yr 2017
Grade 1 (2016 N Level)
A2 (2017 O Level)

“Pinpoint their misconceptions of tricky topics, to seek help easily...”

Tok Li Hui

West Spring Sec Sch, Yr 2017
F9 to A1 (2017 School Prelim)
to A1 (2017 O Level)

“Achieve A2 from F9 within 4 months of tuition with Mr Quek….”

Ayu Adillah

Meridian Sec Sch, Yr 2017
F9 to A2 (2017 School Prelim) 
to B3 (2017 O Level)

“Brings hope into students.. has this special charisma to bond well with students…”

Reynald Teo

Yuying Sec Sch, Yr 2017
F9 (2017 School Prelim)
to B3 (2017 O Level)

“A single digit score for MYE POA…. and A2 for my school prelims!”

Periyachi Roshini

Hougang Sec Sch, Yr 2017
F9 to A2 (2017 School Prelim)
to B3 (2017 O Level)

“Experienced in teaching… ability to answer you all the questions…“

Saravanan Kishan

Unity Sec Sch, Yr 2016
(School Top ‘O’ Level Student)
F9 to A2 (2016 O Level)

“Alex will reveal examinations strategies and techniques …. to score a distinction“

Shirley Chin

St. Anthony’s Canossian Sec Sch, Yr 2016
F9 (2016 School Prelim)
to A2 (2016 O Level)

“Scoring close to Full Marks … Top-ed my class for prelims examinations”

Koh Ji Chern

St. Andrew Sec Sch, Yr 2016
F9 to C5 (2016 School Prelim)
to A2 (2016 O Level)

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