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Ace Your POA ‘Live’ Virtual Classroom During Circuit Breaker From March 2020 to Jun 2020.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Ace Your POA Tuition has been monitoring the situation in Singapore very closely. Also, we have responded to the situation calmly, planning way ahead and implementing extra measures to ensure that our students’ learning is not disrupted. Within a short period of time, we have managed to get onboard all of our existing students onto our online two-way interactive virtual classroom platform.

During the May Holiday 2020, we managed to reach out to more 2020 graduating POA students who are struggling with Principles of Accounts (POA). In light of Singapore’s stricter measures to combat Covid-19 with a ‘circuit=breaker’ on 4 May 2020, students are not able to attend physical tuition classes at enrichment centres, as well as private tutors are not allowed to visit houses for private tuition.

Ace Your POA Tuition has once again risen to the occasion.  It is not limited by all these restrictions. Neither has it fallen short of the lack of physical classroom teaching. Moreover, all lessons are taught personally by the POA Ten-year series writer, who is a current chartered accountant of Singapore and an associate lecturer at a Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) as well.

During the MOE’s implementation of Full Home-Based Learning (HBL) for all students in Singapore till 4 May 2020, Ace Your POA had close this gap to better prepare our students even when mid-years examinations are cancelled.

Here’s a BIG question!  With less than 6 months away to your GCE ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level POA examinations, would it be great if there is a proven and reliable solution to help you or your child to score an “A” for Principles of Accounts?

If you would like to find out the unconventional methods that help our students to score well in POA, give us a call at +65 90215765 right away. You will learn directly from a published author, together with a bunch of motivated students to score your desired grade for Principles of Accounts.

For more information, please login at https://sg.aceyourpoa.com/live-poa-online-class/ for more details.

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