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POA Principles of Accounts, ACE Your Principles of Accounts POA Tuition Singapore

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Alex was headhunted by Shinglee Publishers, an authorised distributor of Past Years' Question Papers by Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board (SEAB). Alex had personally through the 'O' and 'N' level POA written examinations and has witnessed 3 syllabus changes which allow him to deliver the accurate syllabus requirements to students with his own POA curriculum. To date, he has authored more than 10 POA books with more than 8000+ sold. He is a current Chartered Accountant of Singapore and an associate lecturer with SIM, revamping the current accounting syllabus.

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POA Principles of Accounts, ACE Your Principles of Accounts POA Tuition Singapore

Precise & Concise

A quick easy-to-use revision guide before examination. This book is written based on latest MOE POA syllabus 7175 (O Level) & 7088 (N Level). ISBN: 978 981 32 4122 0

POA Principles of Accounts, ACE Your Principles of Accounts POA Tuition Singapore

Efficient & Effective

Key concepts and theories presented in examination formats, coupled with sample examination questions with worked step-to-step solutions. Last but not least, there is a compilation of account formats and formula with guided lines to stimulate the use of multi-column papers (also known as) ledger papers.

POA Principles of Accounts, ACE Your Principles of Accounts POA Tuition Singapore

POA Mastery

This practise workbook is designed to provide students sitting for the GCE NA (7088) and GCE O (7175) Levels Principles of Accounts POA examination. With ample practice, students are able to guage their mastery of this subject. In addition, the ACE YOUR POA practise workbook has been written in accordance with the latest syllabus (2017 - 2020) issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. The accounting terminologies used in this book is based on the latest recommendations by the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Each topic consists of actual-examination questions that are carefully designed and written to expose candidates to various variations of the final examination questions. ISBN 978 981 288 572 2

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Our Publications

Our publications are specially written to help students sitting for the new MOE POA syllabus (7175 O Level POA / 7088 N Level POA) to better comprehend the respective topics.  Complete worked solutions to these practice questions are provided as a separate booklet to allow students to compare their answers. The contents in these books are systemically organised to assist students to do their self-study and revision in an efficient manner.

Many students sitting for the new syllabus often face with problems to derive the correct solutions in the required examination formats. In additional, students are caught surprised with the different types of questions tested during their national examinations. As such, our principal tutor, Alex Quek, is very determined to fill the gap by producing quality publications at reasonable prices to serve the general public. 

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Holiday POA Crash Course

Need a final booster for your exams? Look out for such course during your school holidays!

You have no clue on what is your teacher teaching? Worried about not ace-ing your POA? 

Mr. Quek got your covered! Do you know that you can master double-entry in one lesson? Or a quick condensed crash course to revise all the secondary 3 topics? Learn about common mistakes committed by most students and discover exam strategies to ace your POA. Using the easy-to-understand methodologies, coupled with application of real-life examples to resolve complexity to speed up your understanding of POA. 

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POA Principles of Accounts, ACE Your Principles of Accounts POA Tuition Singapore


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