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Calling all Secondary 3 / 4 / 5 Child taking Principles of Accounts POA exams in Year 2022

Is your child looking to score a B3, A2 or A1 For Principles of Accounts?

You have come to the right place! Our ‘straight-to-the-point’ Intensive POA Crash Course will be able highlight the most important concepts and formulae in a particular POA topic. Furthermore, we provide real-examination styled questions carefully designed to stimulate critical thinking and analytical skills that are essential to score well in your child’s 2022 GCE POA examinations.

Why Choose Us?

Because 580+ POA students from over 48+ schools in Singapore have achieved
B3, A2 and A1 for ‘O’ & ‘N’ level in a short period of time of 3 months

Results-driven with unbeatable poa track record

Hundreds of students started with Ace Your POA tuition with C6, D7, E8 or F9 grades and have experienced tremendous improvement by at least a 3-grades jump to achieve success in Principles of Accounts (POA). In 2018, 75% of all our students scored an ‘A’ grade for their O and N(A) Level POA examinations. Ace Your POA is Singapore’s leading POA Tuition, offering the best POA tuition for O and N Level POA students. It is simply because we make POA fun and enjoyable! Certainly, we are able to produce outstanding results with great improvement over 4 months or less leading to national examinations.

Student-centric with customised materials for 2022 poa syllabus

First of all, it is a sad fact that many students neglect to address issues they have in their POA until it is too late. Furthermore, it is also hard for students to keep abreast with changes to the revised POA syllabus. Hence, we take great pains to develop customised materials for our students as we anticipate frequent changes in the POA syllabus. As such, it is our mission to stay ahead and relevant that increases the likelihood of our students scoring a distinction in POA. Therefore, by keeping up with the latest POA examinations trends and knowing the right tools and techniques of how to do so is what we can offer to our students.

Year 2022 March Holiday POA Intensive Crash Course

Year 2022 March Holiday POA Intensive Crash Course

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YES! I want my child to score an 'A' for POA

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Fully Customised Solutions

.....for struggling students of different abilities.

If your child falls into category of...

01.'A' Students

Your child requires accelerated learning to achieve distinction in Principles of Accounts. They need to identify the key concepts tested and present it to the Cambridge examiners with the necessary keywords to excel in POA.

02.'B & C' Students

Your child understands the concept. But they lack the exposure to accurate answering technique to score well in the Principles of Accounts. Or worse, their results are always fluctuating like the stock market!

03.Failing Students

This pool of students needs serious help in building their BASIC Foundation in Principles of Accounts as POA is a subject that requires prior understanding of the foundation before they can learn more advanced topics.

Days counting down to GCE N(A) Level 7086 POA *revised POA syllabus* Examination 2022

Subject Code 7086 POA:
POA Paper 1: 4-Oct-2022 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM (1h)
POA Paper 2: 11-Oct-2022 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM (2 h)


Days counting down to GCE O Level 7087 POA *revised POA syllabus* Examination 2022

Subject Code 7087 POA:
Paper 1: 2-Nov-2022 2 PM – 3 PM (1h)
Paper 2: 4-Nov-2022 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM (2 h)


Key Features of the POA
Intensive Workshops....

Conducive Environment

Your child can focus on learning Principles of Accounts instead of being distracted by his/her smart phones while doing their self-study elsewhere.

Time Management

Save at least 5 hours of their precious time because they do not have to go through the ‘thick and dull’ POA textbook for key concepts that always appear during exams.

Top Quality Materials

Our in-house summarized notes are updated yearly (last revamped in 2021) and are reserved only for students of Aceyourpoa.

Answering Techniques

Master the answering technique templates such that it can be ‘COPY & PASTE’ into their exam papers and see improvements immediately and finally score ‘A’ and ‘B’ for Principles of Accounts.

Exam Trend Analysis

Understand the latest trends for GCE exams questions because we teachers will be spotting questions that will ‘HIGHLY LIKELY’ come out for exams.

Challenge Questions

Based on the latest POA syllabus, non-conventional POA exam questions will be tested in their final GCE exams. As such, exposure to such questions that are essential.

POA Best Practices

Learn the ‘Best-Practices’ used by ‘A’ POA students and see their results transformed from average to above average and beyond.

Myths & Misconceptions

Clarify ALL doubts that they might have because our teachers will stay back and answer their queries before leaving. As a matter of fact, we DON’T end our lessons on time because we want to give your child more help.

2022 MOE Syllabus

Aceyourpoa is probably the FIRST in Singapore to have developed an unique approach of learning Principles of Accounts based on the latest trends and techniques of how to do.

Details of the POA Crash Course.....

Learn 1 POA Topics In 4 Hours

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our programmes ?

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Here’s What We Will Do Next ...

Despite telling you how good we are, we would like to show and prove to you that your child can too.
With your permission… I’ll show you how you too, can coax these top grades in Principles of Accounts out of your child without risking a single cent.

Here’s my big bold promise to you:

And our confidence on how sure we can add value during the POA Accelerated Crash Course, we would FULLY-REFUND the ENTIRE course fee and in additional of $20 for your child to transport home from our centre if he / she finds that we have wasted their time after the POA intensive workshops.

During these 13 years of business, no one has ever asked for a refund. Having this arrangement, this 100% risk-free for you while the risk is on us. To emphasize that the risk is us to produce good results for your child. If you are convinced that we are able to help your child, simply look out for the red “SIGN-UP” Button below to register your child for our Signature Accelerated POA Intensive Workshop. Most noteworthy, we are able to explore in further details on the best course of action to boost your child’s grade in their final lap for their GCE POA examinations.

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