Some signs that your child needs POA tuition!

Is your child totally confused with principles of accounts? POA (Principles of Accounts) is a subject for Sec 3 and 4 Express and Normal Academic (NA) students. It’s an elective subject and the students will take their exam at the GCE O Level. Regardless of whether your child needs POA tuition or a private home poa mentor or not, watch out for these signs which may change your perspective on POA tuition in Singapore.

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1. Inability to complete POA assignment or homework

Is your child facing difficulties in completing their school POA schoolwork? Or do you think that your child is not interested in this subject? The truth is that there are a growing number of students opting to study POA. This is because this subject is probably the most practical subject that is useful to their daily course of life. In general, students who truly understand POA will realize that it is easier to score than any other GCE subjects. As such, there is a greater demand for POA tuition in Singapore. A balanced session with a competence tutor will able to provide the child with essential techniques to understand this subject, motivating the child towards academic excellence in this subject.

2. Trouble in tackling POA exam questions.

Is your child stuck at more advance POA topics such as impairment loss on trade receivables? Facing real-life situation problems with financial ratio analysis? Not only the child needs to engage a competent POA tutor, the POA tutor must also be familiar with the current MOE POA syllabus 7175 and 7088. However, there are already a shortage of POA teacher in Singapore, getting a competence and experienced tutor will be even difficult.

3. Deteriorating POA grades

Have you seen an unexpected drop in your child grade for POA? Did your child fail to meet your expectations? You felt that your child could be doing so much better but applied the wrong study methods? As a parent, one viable option is to start your child with POA tuition early. As know that most POA students will only seek for help towards the end of their GCE O and N level examinations, later they realized that they can achieve better grades if they had more time to revise this subject. Why more time? This is because your child did not grasp the important “basics” during their Sec 3. As a result, your child ended up spending more time working on foundation topics. Therefore, we strongly recommend students to start POA tuition right at the moment when they feel that they are struggling. Efficient and effective POA tuition will guide your child to complete their POA tuition assignment easily and help to score their desired grade in their major examinations.

4. Lack of Confidence

Is your child putting in a lot of time and effort but yet unable to produce the result that they want? They feel de-moralize and always wanted to drop this subject. As the same time, there are students who can understand the teachers every well in class but unable to attempt examination questions. Do all the above sound familiar to your child?

This is because there is a lack of confidence due to insufficient practice. In addition, students must also be given exposure to different types of examination questions to familiarize with time-management. Should you feel that the above problems apply to your child, come talk to us now. Contact us at 90215765.

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